Thursday, June 9, 2016

Just Do It

So the other day, I wanted to hike. I had the itch to just go. See, part of my goals this year as I said in my other blog post is to travel. And I just don't mean travel like ONLY getting into a plane and ending up in another city or country, I actually mean like getting OUT of my comfort zone and going to new places restaurants... new sites.... *happy sigh as I stare off into the distance*  
And That's What I did. 

I just did it.

I went hiking with my best friend, Moyo, and boy was it fun. It was actually comical.  We both had never been to this location. And so you would have made a meme of us trying to figure out the map and looking at the cross roads signs like ..."uhhh...yeah..." LOL!
But let me tell you; It. Was. Fun. 
Voila. Life. 

So have you ever had an itch to do something out of the ordinary, more specifically out of YOUR ordinary.  Just Do It. Don't wait for people to co-sign or affirm your dreams. Just Do It. Side note: Just be safe. LOL! and don't hurt anyone. (You know you gotta put a psa for the crazies these days hehe).  

                                                                    But Be Happy !  

                                               The World Is Yours For The Conquering. 


This is how I feel everyday. Sitting on top of the world.

Afterwards, we ate at Mookie's, a barbecue spot to definitely write home about.  The food was soooo good but Ohhh the looks we got. Even the drive home was a mini music jam fest. It was such a beautiful day.

My best friend for life. 

 Laughs, new places, catching up, music, encouragement, great food, memories, great nap. The End.

Perfect Day.

Until Next Time,

Peace Fingers,

Awele Charlene 

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Hash-tag Goals ! How to have a GREAT Year!

Hey Lovely!

 So I don't know about YOU but I have been having a FREAKING Fantastic Year So Far!

That's LUKE SMALLBONE of FOR KING and COUNTRY and me cheesing so hard!! YES!  

Me and my bestie Nik on top of a mountain in LA
My life as a Trauma Nurse is Everything!!
        Yes it is only February but I have literally been hitting strides with my goals in every area.   Of course my year has not been without its challenges. *phew!* but Philipians 2:14 says to

                                 Do everything without complaining or arguing

                                             and that means "Doing Life"

                   Let's not even really get into the complaining or arguing part of that verse in this post cuz that's like me figuring out how to NOT scream while fire-ants dance around my feet .....let's just get right into How You can have a GREAT Year (so far) too!!!

                                            First, What do you want out of this year? 

If you're just content with waking up everyday and just "seeing how it goes".... I'm sorry, uhm.... I feel bad for you.... like just picturing that just made my vision become one zombie-like black and white picture. Womp freaking womp.  

insert weak trumpet sound

             Soooooo What Do You REALLY Want Out of 2016? 

                                       I have quite an extensive list.  
         Most of it is between God and I but here, I'm feeling like Santa so I'll share some:

                          Travel a lot 

                                  $Save a lot of money

                                                   Be So Excellent at work : )

                                                           G i v e   B a c k 

       Get abs ! yes you will see my before and after picture! Awoo! **300 army voice**

                 And So far So Great !  I think the key is really knowing what it really is YOU not your mom, dad, best friend, sibling but what YOU want out of your year and then WRITE it down...

Habakuk 2:2 says "Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it"

                  I write down all my goals and that process makes it either realistic or maybe not so realistic.... like for example....can I really lose 20 lbs in 3 months? yeah probably... Now knowing myself, will it stay off? yeah probably not. But if I make a step by step How-to... I find that I would rather make a lifestyle of eating healthy and having a routine fit lifestyle and that way I can lose and keep the weight off ...

                   Writing what you want down on paper, a board, a journal, makes goal-setting exciting... 

                                           It's no longer just a thought in your head.

                                                            It's R-E-A-L!

                                                           Seriously, try it !

Finally....Pray about it and then just DO it...

                                                    Like I'm serious. 
               STOP talking about it already. Just take step 1. whatever that 1 is. For me, it's blogging at 1:17am in the morning and setting a "publish by" time.  No more "Is this the right time?".... YES IT IS THE RIGHT TIME!  I promise you that was a loving yell. 

But yup, In summary :

1. ask yourself : What Do YOU want out of 2016??

2. Write It Down! - This will help you realize what is realistic and make steps 

3. Pray and Just Do it !  - No procrastination. YOU Can Do This!

                               Until my next post, I hope you get to dreaming big because 

                                  2016 is gonna be a GREAT YEAR!!!! 

                                                              Peace fingers,

                                                             Awele Charlene 

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

And the Award for Best Month Ever Goes To....

Picture this right here...

               It's the group New Edition and *stay with me!* They are walking up to you to sing "Can you Stand the Rain?" click here to hear it while you keep reading)

                                        Now in my best deep falsetto voice: 

                                 I'm sorry I havent been writing
                                 It's been tough you know....
                                 I had to go out there in that big cold world...
                                 and make a dollar or two... 
                                 or maybe it was more..
                                But what I'm trying to say...
                                Baby Can you Stand The Rain...
                                Cuz I'm back.. I might have been goneee....
                                But I'm back....

                                     *dramatically slides in the rain*

                                       Okay fine.... *stop the music*

                       Yes, *sigh* as usual, I have been MIA
hoping the cute sad guilty puppy face helps my case

              But heyyyy.... *awkward smile* Happy New Year!   Happy "New Year New Me" has sailed, maybe?   Happy New Month of February!!! 

                    I have been just Loving Life. Living Life. And LEARNING a lot about Life.

          And yes, my Purpose through this blog is to spread my lessons and even though they have not been as timely as I would like......I'm working on that.

                 I think that's important. The reality that I am so short of perfection, yet I'm striving.

                                          Aren't we all though....



          So quite a few changes are going to be made in 2016. And for all the loyals, Its going to be big and fabulous.  Just wait on it.   I'm really working to improve #BPM on a whole new scale.  Sometimes I want to shut down the blog and come back when I'm ready but when is anyone ever "ready"?  *insert church lady "hmmm that was deep chile'" here*  I know that God is using me even in my unreadiness and it's alllll about the journey so yeah, walk with me.

                               Okay so what's the Best Month Ever....

                                          October... duh 

                          October was the BEST AMAZING Month EVER!!!


          LOL!! I know we are in February so like...that doesn't make any sense... to youuu maybe. But okay let me explain. So I turned 29! Yes this is my last year in my twenties....

And while I'm so excited....oh hol' up ha ha I meant to use a happy baby not a crying baby  *cleans tears on my face* Lol!! But anyways I have so much to DO !!  I am so excited and ready to TURN this New Year of not just 2016 but my year of 29 OUT!! Let's do this, Charlene! Let's Live Life on a Super Amazing Note!  Already I'm off to a crazy awesome start!!!

1.  My travel game is so on fleek (I hate that word).  I was blessed to go to the beautiful Puerto Ricooo and the famous El LaY (LA) all with my besties....isn't God good?

amazing views with amazing people

my friends and I sure love heights 

2. My give-back mode has also been A-mazing!  Phew! My friends and I gave over $100 in Gift cards, Food, and Toys to an amazing charity in December ! and in January we collected blankets for the homeless !

What a blessing to be a blessing!

3. I have friends doing amazing things!! like graduating...or getting promoted....or doing well in school....or being superstars at work.... or getting engaged !  *scream!*
my bestie got her MPH! Yessss!!! 
did i mention my brother who is also my BEST-FRIEND also got engaged...
my first best friend in life is marrying his best friend for life :)

Like My Life is on a 100 right now!!!

OF course there are and there.... but who doesn't go through downs? as the saying goes, it makes you appreciate the Ups, right? I'll rap about it in another blog. 

This is just to say Mase..(again..)  I'm backkkkkk....heyyyyyy

#Luckygirlseries #Blessed #BestpossibleMoi

Until next time,

Peace fingers,


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Reflecting on September....

I thoroughly enjoyed September. Did I meet every goal? A good portion. I mean I worked hard, I gave back, I enjoyed amazing company, but best of all.....I learned.
A lot.
Here are random clips from my musings lately .... 
Musings: a period of reflection or thought 
Disclaimer: As usual, this is me being open. Judging is never welcome here. Just Love, Smiles & Giggles, and Lots of Growth.
So enjoy....
"Discipline really sucks."
"Excellence requires a step above average. And quite frankly, sometimes, I just want to be average."
"I mean how can I possibly squeeze in working out, going to work, cooking, cooking healthy mind you, maintaining a blog, maintaining myself, checking up and doing things with and for my seemingly 1000+ family and Lord.."
"Social media be lying..."
"Somethings gotta give..."
"Doesn't always something give...get left behind..."
"Sometimes it is easier to just be average. But it really is the desire for more...for better... that makes one do more... "
"Structure...Structure is what I crave...Better structure..."
"Man I need a life coach or something..."
"For free..."
"I'm really blessed."
"Am I good christian?"
"Do I exemplify Christ in ALL I do...? because a lot of people sure do irritate me"
"I'm not perfect"
"I'm trying though...*sigh*"
"Why are some people intentionally horrible? like mean? spiteful? did you just hear yourself say that stupid thing?..." 
"Do people think before they talk?? before they act?"
"I need to work on my patience."
"I miss my mommy."
"I love love fall...pretty brown leaves falling everywhere..."
"I read somewhere that trees teach us to let dead things go... how accurate."   
"letting dead things about right..."
"Dead relationships...dead promises....dead memories..."
"let the hurt die, Awele.."
"2016 is almost word..what a year..."
"and I still have a lot to do..."
"October is about to be so live."
                                        FullSizeRender (1) copy 4
                             this is one of my favorite apps on my phone

Until next time,
Peace fingers,