Friday, July 10, 2015

Wait What?? Julyinngg ! #BPM's got news!!!

Hey lovely lovelies!
So this is going to be a super duper quick post on #BestPossibleMOI aka #BPM !
I wanted to say Happy JULY!!! Yes, even though we are 10 days in already. Lol! What?
I want to start a #BPM Monthly Check-in & Check-out !  
Wait whaaa?  What is that... 
Lol !! Well It's self-explanatory.  At the start of the month, I'll check in with you, get you HYPE!! Get you in the groooveee baby! LOL!  And MOST importantly get you thinking as to What Your Monthly Goals are to be the Best Possible YOU!  And then at the end, we'll check-out and reflect.. How did those goals go? What can we do better? What can we NOT do going forward...
get it?
Now give me a stronger Yay!!!**
**spirit fingers!**
Okay maybe not.
           Oh and I'm human and hopefully you who are reading this are too.  So if the goals repeat themselves, I think that's just fine, right? I so hope you join in ! I'm excited!! To join in or know what they look like, the goals will look like this..... Feel free to customize it to how you want it to look like:
--For my personal growth 
--For the exhortation (oooh big word) or honor of someone else
--For my family 
So For Example...... For this month of July:
For my personal growth:
1. Lose 5 lbs - yeah yeah, don't ...let's not do this. Just accept it !
2. Pass my Boards!  **pray for me!!**
3. Make a completely new dish I haven't had before ! *yum*
For the honor of someone else:
1. I plan on serving in a give-away package event for the homeless !  *excited face!**
2. I plan on displaying excellent service at my job and making people smile!
3. I plan on encouraging people through blogging more in July! 
For my family:
1. Call my family more (somewhere my aunties and uncle said AMEEN! LOL!)
2. Travel with the siblings and making memories 
3. Spend time with my pops : ) 

Now while this may be new to You, I have been doing this for over 2 years now and It has truly transformed my day-to-day living.  It gives my life so much more purpose and instead of saying "daggg, where did the time go? What have I done in my life? WHAT AM I DOING in my life?" You can simply say...Wait a minute !! Charlene from #BestPossibleME Put me ON to Monthly Goals and you can whip out your Journal or Where-ever you will store your goals-and-progress and you WILL look at it with so much joy, pride, reflection and just feel encouraged that You are Indeed Growing and Living! 

Okay until next time,
Peace fingers*


Sunday, June 28, 2015

My 2015 Pinky Promise Experience

Hiiii Blog Fam !

          Do you see how I'm on a roll already?... See? I'm doing better!

                                           #WontHeDoIt !

                            **Iphone black girl emoji hands in the air!**

                Okay, so I'm here to blog about my experience at the Pinky Promise conference which was Amazing ! Now while that is my summary of the experience, don't worry I will be breaking it down exactly to what was A-mazing and also what was.... not. so. much. a-mazing.

                       Now before I do, I need to say this so please clean your glasses or if you don't wear a pair, blink a couple of times so you can read this clearly ....because I will not be misunderstood on here.  This is my blog, my views, and pretty much my perspective.  I will always be respectful, the best I can, as well as be honest, and I will stay true to moi **smiley face**  so with that being said, I ask that you respect my opinion(s) and if you don't dig it, then beat it. 


                                       OK, let's do this! 

          So first a general gist about the Pinky Promise conference.  It's a conference put together by a phenomenal team headed by the Founder, Speaker, and Author, Heather Lindsey who is basically pro-abstinence/celibacy and pro-women being all about their walk with God. (check out her Website & Instagram here. Also more info about the conference here).  Going to this conference, My friends, my sister, and I were all in this place of great expectation from God.  Individually, we'd been going through some difficult tests and from many conversations, we just needed a renewal, some real encouragement...a word...

                                  Yeah it was pretty serious.

But we were so excited and went with ready hearts to take it all in.  The conference is in Atlanta and so since we had never been, we also got a package deal to see some awesome sights like The Center for Civil Rights Museum, the CNN center, and World of Coca-Cola amongst other places...  But I digress, back to the conference...

It was so awesome getting to the Hilton Atlanta where it was held, We felt sooooo welcome!  There were all these ladies with fascinator hats and smiles with ready hugs to welcome us at the door.  We got registered and got these cute pinky promise bags with cute freebies and a name badge (great idea) with the schedule conveniently attached to the back.  I mean you could tell a lot of thought went into the planning stages.  

Cute !

Forgive my nails but My name Badge! Keeping with the Pink Theme 

The Schedule on the Back. Super Cute and Efficient Idea *thumbs up*

                         Thursday, aka Day 1, was pretty chill.  All we had to do was register and relax until the worship experience later that evening.  Looking back, my friends and I appreciated the gaps in between the events.  They were well worth it so that we could tour the city, get food to eat, or just relax and reflect.  That evening, the worship experience was literally wow!  The band came to do nothing but praise God !   We were so happy and it was easy being ushered into God's presence.  Day 2 & 3 were filled with activities such as peaceful quiet time, Zumba, Meet & Greet, Book Signing, Clothing Swaps, fun seminars for singles and married women, mothers and business owners.

My beautiful fashionista roomie, Mo, found quite a few clothes at the swap ! me ....not so much. 

Oh here's a pointer that will save your life: bring a SWEATER! We had to squeeze into my Roomie's wrap

The Crew: L to R: Mo, Winnie, Me, and Sade.  The hall was full minutes after this. We were just early. Oh and we were in the middle of an already full half-room. 

         My favorite was the modesty talk with Jennifer Spears!   It was great hearing about how modesty is not just about your physical appearance but your HEART as well... Anddddd I got to personally talk to and take a picture with her !!  **eek!**
Me, Jennifer Spears who spoke on Modesty, and my bff Sade !
Jennifer Spears speaking on Modesty

             Now at the end of each full day, Friday and Saturday, was a sermon aka preaching. Friday's was by Heather's hubby, Pastor Cornelius Lindsey (men check out his website and blog here!!), and Saturday was by Heather.  When I say you had to be there.... like I can't FULLY and in detail talk about what they preached (at least not in this post) but let me tell you... it w-r-e-c-k-e-d !!

Here's like the most basic of basic points that hit me from the messages:

1. Christians have got to be more DO-ERS of the word instead of just hearers.  It simply does no good until you ACT out your faith.
2. Judge Y-o-u-r-s-e-l-f  daily
3. Do you have a heart for people and God's work? or just yourself? 0_0  #majorouch

                      And here I thought I was going to get some cutesy, everything-go'n-be-alright, rainbows and flowers message....

                                            *buzzer sound*

   Yeah, I definitely left with a heart to DO, and be more like Christ and not just talk about it.


    OH!  There were also ONgoing initiatives that you could have totally plugged in to:

1.) state wide baby shower for single pregnant/ low-income mothers (still happening..check the site!)
2.) 24 hour worship where we prayed for the state of the world (especially as the South Carolina shooting had just happened : (   *sigh*

Now for the parts I didn't like, rightttt... Well, honestly it was no shade to the event but more of a call for us as christians to just do better.  During the praise and worship, it was pretty disappointing watching some ladies just sit down and just stay on their phones the whole experience.   Like you paid all this money to come and justtttt do that...? huh.  And of course, there were the people that came for the WRONG-EST to:

1.) find a man  (there was a men's conference literally a stones throw away *sigh*)

2.) to sit 0.5268 inches from heather and cornelius's face  -- like seriously, stop idolizing human beings!  It's okay to get excited about meeting someone who is such an awesome beautiful vessel of truth but uhhh, some people just needed to relax and get with the message. 

3.) to NOT network.  really? it's a conference. Get our of your comfort zone and meet someone new!  I did! and I even wish I met more people.  **adding that on my to-do list for next year*

                  But that's it though.  No one is perfect. Not even I.  We can alllllll do better.

As for the conference, I am so sure next year's will be even MORE LIVE!!!  I sure hope they add a screen and show the lyrics to songs that are being performed during worship so that people who are not familiar can sing along.   I also plan by God's grace on being more of a helper in the form of volunteering and spreading words of encouragement to more and MORE people like through this blog and let them know that GOD LOVES and He LOVES so completely.  He takes us as we are and makes us so MUCH MORE in HIM.   So I'm totally cleaving and I'm never ever letting GO.



My beautiful crew with Pastor Cornelius.  


Until next time Y'all,
Peace Fingers,


Thursday, June 25, 2015

Worship in Response


 Yessss..  I understand....

I am so so guilty and accept all charges of abandonment to the state of my blog and my blog family. 

But since we're so full of grace! LOL! I know you all have forgiven me and I'm backkk!!!..

Like For Real this time...

Okay fine, you've heard that before.  Let's just fall back on that grace & pray for your girl! O-K! 

SO, right to the Post...  Mannnnnnnn, Can you Believe we are about to end the HALF mark of 2015 Already!?  Wow! Just WOW!  I literally can remember bringing in the Year and just having that usual sense of renewal and excitement and PURPOSE......

Well, where did it go?

For some of you, you might be filling just... bleh these days... Just going through the motions, Just existing...And you know, sometimes, in your mind, that's just better than drama, 'cuz no one wants that... You've got bills as it is, and Just watching the NEWS honey, Phew! can be so depressing.  

Racism.  Bad Economy.  Lying Politicians.   Gender Switch-ups.   Terrorism.  
Natural Disasters.  Death.      

I mean it all can make you want to hold your head and just SCREAM!!!!

I've heard people say "Just come back, Lord"  "Lord we've had just about enough." "Just come, and end this madness".   I've felt like that as well.  I've felt like these tears need to just stop running, for real.   I too want to go to that place where there will be no more suffering but just peace and joy and happiness ! Yes, Heaven is the goal for every one (at least it is for me !).  However, how many of us are honest enough to realize that if Jesus came back now, so many people, people even you know....maybe even you yourself....won't be going with Him...


What's my response to it all?  Instead of cowering in fear at the stream of ongoing depressing news, at people disappointing you over and over and then over again... Instead of just giving up, because it is soooooooooo easy to give up.  I know.  Instead of all that, I choose to worship.  

You see when Paul and Silas worshipped in Acts 16, like TRULY worshipped, God MOVED.  They were not chilling on the rooftop of a hotel in Du'bai.....I mean if you are, that's fine judgement..... But Seriously, they were in pain, in discomfort, in shackles, being scorned, but they CHOSE to worship.  So maybe you need to right where you just WORSHIP God and give it to Him, because that's WHERE He will Move on your behalf.  Maybe you need to just stop doing Life on Your own will and just say, God I Need You...because I just don't know How to on my Own.  

I attached my current favorite worship video by Shana Wilson. She is simply out of this world with her worship.  I also attached the lyrics if you don't know the words.  Enjoy!

Lyrics attached here 

Here are some Bible Verses I love on Worship:

"Worship the Lord your God, and his blessing will be on your food and water. I will take away sickness from among you"  Exodus 23:25

"The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
Day after day they pour forth speech;
night after night they reveal knowledge." (Psalm 19:2)

And would't you know that Psalm 19:2 was not lying!!! If you don't want to Worship, God's got the heavens and the skies praising Him !!  Look at these pictures I captured on my phone a few days ago...

He's sooo awesome....

Just worship in response, y'all.

I'll see y'all in the next blog.

Peace fingers,


Thursday, June 19, 2014

You Love Jesus SoTherefore....

Hiiiii Everyone!!!!

                                                     *insert iphone emoji of waving hands*

                    It has been a long time huh? and I have missed BLOGGING, ermagawd......

                                                              How have you been?!

                              Chilling? Working? Traveling? No matter what, know that as long as you are A-L-I-V-E, breathing, able to read this post lol! that You are Gooood !
                                         Alright Alright to the point of this post..... 
                         In this day and age, there seems to be so many people on social media reposting, retweeting, facebooking, basically sharing encouraging Godly scripture, memes, quotes, pictures, videos, and much more.  My opinion?  I love it! Picture me jumping like that girl in the Easter Payless commercial, "I love em, I love em"
                  The first reason of course why I LOVE it is because I DO it.  Guil-ty! I am a professional re-poster of everything spiritually encouraging and uplifting on my social media.  Hey, if it encourages me, I believe it will encourage some-body out there.  And if it is just me who's encouraged, okay, let me use it and quickly bless God.  Both ways, He wins!  However, some people actually get tired of it.  Some people ignore it.  Some people even say it's a little too much.  "You love Jesus, so therefore!?"  *gasp*

                    I know Jack, ask em again!  Listen, why is it okay for people to re-post all types of vines (some I do find funny), funny videos, and especially memes about "B**ches be like"...."N**gas be like".....but when I wanna rap about Jesus, I should be quiet...because its not Sunday?  *Insert crickets chirping here*

                     Listen Hunty, My God's more than Good to me 86,400 seconds every minute, 60 minutes every hour, 24 hours every day, 7 days of every week, anddd 365 days of all of the Twenty-something years I have lived on this earth....*pause for breath*.  He's working things I don't even know about in my Favor.  He is shielding demons, idiots, and crazy situations from me.  He protects me.  He guides me.  He listens to me.   He cares about me.  He gives me new grace every morning....grace: as in undeserved mercy.  He forgives me when I mess up for the 500,024,237,891st time and counting.   He loves me more than the most romantic man on the planet, more than the best father you know of, and the kindest person in your world.  He is Liiikeeeee that..... and more.

                   So the next time someone wants to make you feel guilty about reposting something you feel in your heart will encourage them in the Lord... go ahead and be proud of the God who is proud of you.... repost it.    The next time you want to start groaning that all this Bible stuff is too much on my timeline sheesh ermagawd...........
                             You might want to sip you a hot cup of "Jesus is coming lemme get my life" tea.  

                 And the next time you scroll down your timeline and you don't see enough of spiritual life and encouragement, I hope you'll feel bold enough and whip out a good word and post it.   

                                                  You never know who might need it. 

                                                          You Love Jesus, right? 

                                                      So therefore start showing it. 


In the words of one one of my favorite gospel rappers "Th'Isl", "I'm soo gonneee, I'm so outta here..."

                                              LOL!  I know, y'all aint on that gospel rap tip...

*peace fingers*


Monday, March 24, 2014

Ps and Qs

Hey Y'all!!!

What's happening!??    *insert picture of me waving madly at you*

Happy Spring,! Happy Spring Break!! Happpy Monday, and all ah that !  I hope you all are well, healthy, and de-stressing in some form because 1.) it is past 5 o clock! (the general time consensus when buildings & institutions throw up its workers into a traffic jam)  2.) like the greeting said, it should be spring break for some people, so woosah, itsss allll good mon *Jamaican accent*

can't you just imagine laying down and looking up at this view! Me of course would be after taking my allergy meds

         Now that your blood pressure is hopefully somewhat in the normal range, I want to rap to you about LIFE.  I mean, Can I rap to you??  *phew* thank you!  So in living this best possible life, we all have to start somewhere right?? I mean, you can't just wake up and just say AHA I want to start living my best possible life .....TODAY!  I mean, can you??   Life is just full of demands.  We all want to be better.  We want to make more money, go on more vacations, buy more clothes, live in better houses (mortgage free whoop whoop!), sleep more, eat more and not gain a pound, laugh more, look better.... I mean, the list goes on and on.  We want more! We want More! More quality out of life. More substance. And everyday seems to be that chance to .....restart, to make it better more time.

           So again, can you just wake up and start living your best possible life???....... Why, I sure hope so.

                               There has got to be more than school, 9-5s, paychecks and bills bills bills. 

             Even in the middle of the day, you can just stop and say, "enough!" and determine from that point on to be your bespossible you.                         

              Quick story:  This morning, I woke up and I had so many plans. I was going to get it IN with so much efficiency and grace, I mean, you couldn't stop me.  I told you all about the planner, and the goals...come on baby, I was going to dominate my MON-DAY! .......................... Now insert Ms. Reality with her overly annoying smug self and BAM! within an hour, I was cursing. I mean I was spraying foul language like it was perfume and I was ready to be back in the bed. 

                   Forget it! I quit ! UGHHHH! why why why why !!!! what the *&#$^@#^  !!  

                                                                       I mean, I Was Pissed.   

This is me when I'm angry.  No really.  I want to hulk smash everything. LOL!
                                                     "Oh Nooo What happened, Charlene?!"
                 Aww, thanks for asking. I forgot that I wrote in my planner that I had an appointment in the morning!  So I had one angry manager giving me an earful and if you know me, you'll know I hate being scolded.  I mean, Who does!!???

                  Anyways, lucky for me and being a Christian, (seriously thank God for God), I knew this was not the start of a bad day but honestly, a major hiccup in a great day.  What happened was MY fault.  No one else's.  Not the devil, even though I prayed and still cast his ugly &^%@% self out regardless, you know how it goes lol!! But really, this one.... I was to blame 100.5% 

                                                                          *huge sigh*

                 And so my lesson learned, and blog post title created, that I want to share with you all is really to make sure that as you DECIDE to live your best possible life, to be on your Ps and Qs.   What in the world does that mean?  Oooooh oooh me me, I'll tell you.  It means to pay attention to details!   SO, *clears throat*  I wrote a letter apologizing to said manager.  I prayed and asked God for forgiveness for being soooo un-christian like...and You want to know the most important thing I did? 

                                                                       I forgave myself.
               It's not fair to walk around just feeling disgusted at yourself.  YOU are the vessel from which forth all this greatness will spill from  <--- read it again.   Living a Best Possible You means remembering that You are Human, and You will make mistakes.  It's OKAY!!!   Just pick your face from the floor, dust it off, and when you're done making right those wrongs, LOVE You too!!  *smiles*

              So yeah, I hugged myself, and I said "I love you Charlene."  (It also helped that my bestest friend gave me a hug too) but I really had to realize that I just asked God to forgive me, as well as the person I wronged.  I have to forgive me too.  So hello!  Who had a lovely day today!??

                                                                      That would be ...Me.

                 So I researched the history of the saying "Mind your Ps and Qs"  (Yeah yeah Blame the NErd in me)  and it dates back to England when bartenders would yell out to their patrons to mind their Pints and Quarts and settle down.  Soon, they just shortened it to Ps and Qs and I guess it caught on  ; ) pretty snazzy huh?