Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Chasing Peace

Hey my blogger-loves,
So I have something for you. It's 10 million dollars.  Yes you read right....$10,000,000.  All those zero's.  I'm not playing with you.  What are the rules? Well you have to just get to the location where I am and it's yours.  Oh, And the first 10 people who message me can get the location and must pick it up within 24 hours.
Are You Ready?!!
Do you have a pen and paper?!!!
LOL! calm it down, take a breath, loves.  Ha Ha!  I can already see the eye-rolls and the "girl I knew you weren't serious" lip smirks.  Really.  Don't you wish I was though?!  But wait...what if you had 10 million dollars ..or more.....right your hand..... ?  What would you do if I hmm let's just say la-di-da came to you and took your money and just smacked it to the ground anddd wait...wait for it! What if I poured some 99c Mango-flavored Arizona Ice Tea on your money while laughing like a deranged mad woman?
          What would you do?
LOL!  yup I can already hear it.
Pshhh, I would smack you so hard, Charlene!
Yeah right, girl your hand would still be in the air cuz I'd upper-cut you.  
What? 10 million? *hiss* oh no you wouldn't dare...
LOL!  I can imagine the way you would aggressively fight for your money because duh honey, you aint no dummy. That money equals retirement TODAY, vacations for life, a house in every country and continent, please don't let me go on! I know what you would do to fight for 10 million dollars or more if it was rightfully yours.
My question is, why don't you fight for your peace the same way ?
Yes, I said it. Your p-e-a-c-e.  What, you didn't know your peace was worth SO much more? Much more than the priciest gem in the whole universe? Let me explain how much peace is so worth it, if I can.   It's the factor that decides if you're going to have a great day or not.... It's the wave that washes over you when you choose to let go and let GOD.... It's the deep breath that calms you down as you try to work through your to-do's the sound of ocean waves and tweeting birds.... it's the random smile when you think good thoughts's the deep sigh of relief.... it's I'm going to be okay no matter what.... It's...Amazing.
But some of us (me included don't worry I'm with you) can be going about our day, all you know, chill and dont-bother-me-i-wont-bother-you attitude and boom! something could be that co-worker that doesn't know how to talk (and his breath smells) OR that parent that calls you out the blue with "have-you-gotten-your-5th-degree-I-want-grandchildren-by-the-way-did-you-hear-about-uncle-X-daughter-who-won-an-oscar"  speech  OR  WORST YET  it could be that voice inside your head that starts worrying about a 1,000 things a minute "when am I going to get rich?" "I'm not good enough" "when am I going to have the house with the picket fence?" "will I ever find true love" "Why isn't my body like __?" "Why do I have so many bills to pay" "How could she treat me like that?" ARRGHHH!!
And just like that..... poof! Peace Gone. Face Surly. Mouth pursed. Attitude in the trash bin.
Sometimes I wonder.... the devil must just loveeee to get us where he knows us to lose it the most.  Read it again if you can.
So I'll be vulnerable, I hate to lose when that happens, it's fireworks and very very very colorful diction. *clears throat*.   So how do I fix this:  Like, seriously, how do I do better and HOLD ON to my PEACE so that I can have better days, an infectiously happy attitude, and honestly keep my sanity !?
Well these are the THREE things I have been practicing since January 1st: and Let me tell you..... I've been WINNING so far:
1. Keep your mind occupied with HIM!  ---> Him being God.  Isaiah 26:3 says "You (God) will keep in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because He trusts in you"
What this looks like for me is literally listening to my favorite gospel artists (worship songs, gospel hip-hop, christian rock) on Pandora  around-ze-clock.  I love music. And training my mind to revert to uplifting christian music keeps me remembering the words lonnnggg after I have turned the radio off.  And you know what? those words are uplifting!
Others have a favorite word in the Bible they refer to or youtube a sermon or a talk from a God-fearing man of woman of God...whatever you do...Get Him In Your Head.  It'll drive out all other crazy thing that threaten your p-e-a-c-e. Trust me.
2. Transform your mind about what frustrates you ! ---> Phillipians 4:7 says
"And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus."    
So I told you about how I hate losing stuff right? okay so having God in my head was great but if I didn't get super-organized, I knew even God would be like "get your life, now!" I did.  I took time to de-clutter and I'm even currently on a clean-room-365 challenge.  Why? because I want to do better.  If I practice being organized and knowing where I put what, Guess who'll be super peace-ful 24-7??  **points to self!*    Try It!

3. Do Peaceful things ! --->  Psalm 34:14 says "Turn away from evil and do good. Search for peace, and work to maintain it."
This is like super duh but trust me, even the best of us can miss it.  If someone stresses you out, uh stop hanging out with them.  OR tell them to quit being so dramatic!  If a job stresses you out, and #1 and #2 above hasn't worked, uhhh maybe it's time to job-hunt!   But also find peaceful things that you can resort to when your someone tries to smack your 10 million dollars, I mean your PEACE from your hands...
Seriously, maybe when you start thinking of your peace in that regards, you'll take it super seriously....
There's so many peaceful things to do out there.... Yoga, Taking Walks, Meditating...shoot, take a nap if that'll help.
Just remember to love you enough to NOT let ANYone steal your peace.
Until next time,
Guess who loves you more?
No, really.
: ) Charlene

Thursday, June 19, 2014

You Love Jesus SoTherefore....

Hiiiii Everyone!!!!

                                                     *insert iphone emoji of waving hands*

                    It has been a long time huh? and I have missed BLOGGING, ermagawd......

                                                              How have you been?!

                              Chilling? Working? Traveling? No matter what, know that as long as you are A-L-I-V-E, breathing, able to read this post lol! that You are Gooood !
                                         Alright Alright to the point of this post..... 
                         In this day and age, there seems to be so many people on social media reposting, retweeting, facebooking, basically sharing encouraging Godly scripture, memes, quotes, pictures, videos, and much more.  My opinion?  I love it! Picture me jumping like that girl in the Easter Payless commercial, "I love em, I love em"
                  The first reason of course why I LOVE it is because I DO it.  Guil-ty! I am a professional re-poster of everything spiritually encouraging and uplifting on my social media.  Hey, if it encourages me, I believe it will encourage some-body out there.  And if it is just me who's encouraged, okay, let me use it and quickly bless God.  Both ways, He wins!  However, some people actually get tired of it.  Some people ignore it.  Some people even say it's a little too much.  "You love Jesus, so therefore!?"  *gasp*

                    I know Jack, ask em again!  Listen, why is it okay for people to re-post all types of vines (some I do find funny), funny videos, and especially memes about "B**ches be like"...."N**gas be like".....but when I wanna rap about Jesus, I should be quiet...because its not Sunday?  *Insert crickets chirping here*

                     Listen Hunty, My God's more than Good to me 86,400 seconds every minute, 60 minutes every hour, 24 hours every day, 7 days of every week, anddd 365 days of all of the Twenty-something years I have lived on this earth....*pause for breath*.  He's working things I don't even know about in my Favor.  He is shielding demons, idiots, and crazy situations from me.  He protects me.  He guides me.  He listens to me.   He cares about me.  He gives me new grace every morning....grace: as in undeserved mercy.  He forgives me when I mess up for the 500,024,237,891st time and counting.   He loves me more than the most romantic man on the planet, more than the best father you know of, and the kindest person in your world.  He is Liiikeeeee that..... and more.

                   So the next time someone wants to make you feel guilty about reposting something you feel in your heart will encourage them in the Lord... go ahead and be proud of the God who is proud of you.... repost it.    The next time you want to start groaning that all this Bible stuff is too much on my timeline sheesh ermagawd...........
                             You might want to sip you a hot cup of "Jesus is coming lemme get my life" tea.  

                 And the next time you scroll down your timeline and you don't see enough of spiritual life and encouragement, I hope you'll feel bold enough and whip out a good word and post it.   

                                                  You never know who might need it. 

                                                          You Love Jesus, right? 

                                                      So therefore start showing it. 


In the words of one one of my favorite gospel rappers "Th'Isl", "I'm soo gonneee, I'm so outta here..."

                                              LOL!  I know, y'all aint on that gospel rap tip...

*peace fingers*


Monday, March 24, 2014

Ps and Qs

Hey Y'all!!!

What's happening!??    *insert picture of me waving madly at you*

Happy Spring,! Happy Spring Break!! Happpy Monday, and all ah that !  I hope you all are well, healthy, and de-stressing in some form because 1.) it is past 5 o clock! (the general time consensus when buildings & institutions throw up its workers into a traffic jam)  2.) like the greeting said, it should be spring break for some people, so woosah, itsss allll good mon *Jamaican accent*

can't you just imagine laying down and looking up at this view! Me of course would be after taking my allergy meds

         Now that your blood pressure is hopefully somewhat in the normal range, I want to rap to you about LIFE.  I mean, Can I rap to you??  *phew* thank you!  So in living this best possible life, we all have to start somewhere right?? I mean, you can't just wake up and just say AHA I want to start living my best possible life .....TODAY!  I mean, can you??   Life is just full of demands.  We all want to be better.  We want to make more money, go on more vacations, buy more clothes, live in better houses (mortgage free whoop whoop!), sleep more, eat more and not gain a pound, laugh more, look better.... I mean, the list goes on and on.  We want more! We want More! More quality out of life. More substance. And everyday seems to be that chance to .....restart, to make it better more time.

           So again, can you just wake up and start living your best possible life???....... Why, I sure hope so.

                               There has got to be more than school, 9-5s, paychecks and bills bills bills. 

             Even in the middle of the day, you can just stop and say, "enough!" and determine from that point on to be your bespossible you.                         

              Quick story:  This morning, I woke up and I had so many plans. I was going to get it IN with so much efficiency and grace, I mean, you couldn't stop me.  I told you all about the planner, and the goals...come on baby, I was going to dominate my MON-DAY! .......................... Now insert Ms. Reality with her overly annoying smug self and BAM! within an hour, I was cursing. I mean I was spraying foul language like it was perfume and I was ready to be back in the bed. 

                   Forget it! I quit ! UGHHHH! why why why why !!!! what the *&#$^@#^  !!  

                                                                       I mean, I Was Pissed.   

This is me when I'm angry.  No really.  I want to hulk smash everything. LOL!
                                                     "Oh Nooo What happened, Charlene?!"
                 Aww, thanks for asking. I forgot that I wrote in my planner that I had an appointment in the morning!  So I had one angry manager giving me an earful and if you know me, you'll know I hate being scolded.  I mean, Who does!!???

                  Anyways, lucky for me and being a Christian, (seriously thank God for God), I knew this was not the start of a bad day but honestly, a major hiccup in a great day.  What happened was MY fault.  No one else's.  Not the devil, even though I prayed and still cast his ugly &^%@% self out regardless, you know how it goes lol!! But really, this one.... I was to blame 100.5% 

                                                                          *huge sigh*

                 And so my lesson learned, and blog post title created, that I want to share with you all is really to make sure that as you DECIDE to live your best possible life, to be on your Ps and Qs.   What in the world does that mean?  Oooooh oooh me me, I'll tell you.  It means to pay attention to details!   SO, *clears throat*  I wrote a letter apologizing to said manager.  I prayed and asked God for forgiveness for being soooo un-christian like...and You want to know the most important thing I did? 

                                                                       I forgave myself.
               It's not fair to walk around just feeling disgusted at yourself.  YOU are the vessel from which forth all this greatness will spill from  <--- read it again.   Living a Best Possible You means remembering that You are Human, and You will make mistakes.  It's OKAY!!!   Just pick your face from the floor, dust it off, and when you're done making right those wrongs, LOVE You too!!  *smiles*

              So yeah, I hugged myself, and I said "I love you Charlene."  (It also helped that my bestest friend gave me a hug too) but I really had to realize that I just asked God to forgive me, as well as the person I wronged.  I have to forgive me too.  So hello!  Who had a lovely day today!??

                                                                      That would be ...Me.

                 So I researched the history of the saying "Mind your Ps and Qs"  (Yeah yeah Blame the NErd in me)  and it dates back to England when bartenders would yell out to their patrons to mind their Pints and Quarts and settle down.  Soon, they just shortened it to Ps and Qs and I guess it caught on  ; ) pretty snazzy huh?

Monday, March 3, 2014

Cheers to Being The Best Possible Me !!!

Cheers to being the Best Possible Me!!!


                      HaPpNeW YEaR!!!!!!!!

Whooooo!  It’s 2014 !!!!
Welcome to my blog! No seriously, Welcome to this space. I am so glad you took the time to visit and read my blurbs.  I thank you so much for your time, and I pray that I don’t waste it.  Thank you so much for your support  and hopefully you will come back to visit again….and again….and then again….
Oh my gosh I am so EXCITED! I have not blogged in 3 years and let’s just say after much breaking, reconstruction, more breaking, reconstruction….you get the point… and growth! (I bless you God!) I am back and super charged to share some AWESOMENESS with the world again!  Quick simple relevant facts for those who do not know me: My name is Ije-Awele Charlene.  That’s pronounced (E-Jay Ah-Way-Lay  ….then say it fast lol!)  You can call me Awele, You can call me Charlene. Please don’t ask me which I prefer, they’re both my name.  I am 21….+ a couple years (it’s how young you feel inside right?) and I am a super proud beautiful Nigerian living in the United States.
 ”Oh no she didn’t, she called herself beautiful. psshh she must be cocky.”
No….I’m just confidently telling you the truth.
So, What’s the reason for this blog, right? because I know you’re probably like everybody and they mama’s cousin has a blog, twitter, instagram, fan page…I mean, what’s different about yours? I’ll tell you! (duh) I created this blog to really outline as I walk this path called life, all the important –and I mean important– ways that I can really beTHEBESTPOSSIBLEME. I mean, trust me, you’ve gotta love my timing too ; )  On this “NEW YEAR NEW ME” wave that is really about to overwhelm the whole world’s conversation for at least the next couple of weeks…**shaking my head**….Like it or not, You are going to be asking yourself a couple of questions….
“Did I have a Great Year in 2013???”
                                              “Am I living the Best Possible Life?”
                                             ”Fine, If i’m not “there” yet….wherever “there” is… Am I right this moment, this very minute, being the best me that I could possibly be???”…..
Don’t worry….I’ll let you think about it…
Got an answer?
Yeah, me neither. At least Not All the Time.
But guess what? I’m trying! I’m literally making strides, and leaps, and bounds from what I used to be.  And Yes I say that confidently because I am proud of the God in Me.  So stay tuned, I’ll see you next time next week with some more truths and life blurbs on how I’m trying to live the best possible me….how we can possibly start Living the Best Us….  Good luck right? mmhmm, well that’s what Awele means anyways. ; )

March-ing On !

Happy Monday !

                                                     Yes, I totally moved to Blogger!!!!


                               *insert crazy applause and ooooh sounds resounding in an auditorium*

I am too pumped to be blogging, and what perfect time when literally its all white outside and school and work (for some) is cancelled. Yay !!!   I have so much on my to-do list.  I feel like I have been on the GO since January 1st 2014.  Heck I'm always on the GO.  But It's so important to STOP and reflect on how the year is going.  So....  How is your year going?

                                                              Thinking about it?

                                   Good, do that later so I can tell you how mine is going!

                                                         It's going GREAT!!!!

                         And I say that with several pinches of salt and pepper but ! Lol!! just know I'm being optimistic rather than sarcastic.  Let's see.... why don't I start with all the GOOD things so far that are happening...

1.  I lost 10 lbs !!! 

I think that it goes without saying that losing weight is almost 80-something % of Americans new year resolution and for the fact that I ....ME.....M-E.....MOI.....did it!?  I feel so awesome.

like it was so hard dawg, I was like "yo!" I did it!!!
I am so proud of myself and most importantly, I feel healthy.   *fist pump*

This health journey I have chosen to embark on is one I really intend to stick to because I have so many plans that involves me being at my best shape!  Working in my profession, Traveling, Speaking engagements, soon being a wife and a mother (hello! lol!) and I need to use NOW to develop great habits that will be a part of me when life gets gulp even more busier....

So, just How did I lose weight??  Well...a little bit of this and a little bit of that for real.  LOL!  No don't frown.  I'm being honest.  In January I was a pescatarian (whoo! no easy feat).  In February I portioned controlled like nobody's business. And now... well, I'll blog some more in the near future of how I lost (and am still losing) weight...

I be in the gym like Am I Lean Yet!? Huh Huh!??

2.  I'm doing well in school !!!

*huge smile!*  I resolved to really buckle down and put serious grind time to studying and doing it smarter. This time next year, I will be a Clinical Nurse Leader!! Whooooo!!!!  Let me tell you, all it takes sometimes is instead of rapping about it.... Just do it like Nike, baby.  I got a planner, planned 2 hour studying blocks during the week and bam!  It's like this little planner is my parole officer.  I dare not violate the terms of agreement!

3. I'm falling in love with God more and more .....and more

Like every single day, I have a new reason to stop and say "That was awesome God".

So I made a resolution to give God the first 30 minutes of my day.  At first it was easy, school hadn't started so you know.....Piece of Cake! I was all snuggled in the bed, bed-side lamp on, lovely music playing, Bible out.... great times. Then that beast of an institution opened and I had to wake up at ungodly hours....I mean...angels are still running errands at this time... and all of a sudden, I was frantic for time !!!   HOW-ever..... I made time.  I found time to find! ....because He's just way  too important to shelf or "squeeze in" when I feel like.  check out my Getlifted page to see how to get that ONE-on-ONE with God going!

Results:  Great amazing meaningful days.

                So yeah, those 3 things in a nut shell are amazing things happening so far this year that have given me and are giving me so much joy ! Of course there are so much more crazy awesome things that have happened this year but stay tuned! I can't be giving everything away jusssstttt yet.  *wink*   Now do I have bad days?

                                      Wait, WHAT!? You lying Charlene, stop it

                  I'm serious! I refuse to follow the hype and say what's honestly in actuality not true.  I don't have bad days. I have bad moments in great days.  Every day is such a gift and yes, sometimes my choices or even circumstances beyond my control might threaten my joy in that day BUT the fact that I am able to climb back in my super comfy amazing bed and reflect with 100% of my body and mind intact....yeah, I'm pretty grateful.  I don't let things bother me like before.  I just simply give it to God and March on.... get it, MARCH....on.... the month of March.... Okay I'm out.

Until next time,

Be the best possible you honey,